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Step 1 Counseling
Confirming customers' skin condition and whether there is allergic problem.
We will also inform about eyelash designing characteristics and service procedures.
Step 2 Designing
According to various needs of customers, we have prepared extension lash with various types of length, thickness and curliness. We will consider your eye and face shape, and discuss with you the combination and number of lashes to be used, etc. before deciding the final design.
Step 3 Cleaning
Thoroughly cleaning your eyelashes to remove dirt and dust clearly before doing extension.
Step 4 Protecting
Intensively moisturizing eye masks will be applied to cover your upper and lower eye lid.
Step 5 Extension
Attaching extension lash onto your own eyelashes one by one, by own designed tweezers. We will ensure the extension lash is away from your skin in a particular distance, you can enjoy this extension process safely without any pain or uncomfortable feeling.
Step 6 Drying
After extension, drying eyelashes completely by using dryer with cool air.
Step 7 Completion
Impressive eyes are completed with an increased length and volume. Service duration, including counseling time, takes around 90 minutes.
(Service duration may vary according to different menu)