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  • Our "Eyelash Extension" and "Eyebrow Trimming" services are provided by our well-trained beauty advisers, they will professionally introduce our makeup and skin care products that suits you best in shops. Undergoing straight training and control, all of our staff are proud to provide you quality services where safety and beauties are our very first concerns.

    Therefore when we propose our design, we will professionally and thoroughly consider your skin condition, facial features and even lifestyle, listen to all of your requests and decide the design together with you.

    In addition, every time after finishing the service we will introduce to you the way of makeup and aftercare method and procedures.

    This is not simply a service, instead, being an assistant of your makeup is also our concern.

  • Just commit to us your wish of "becoming prettier" without any anxiety.

  • Our ambition is "True Beauty!"

  • It is not like 2-D beautifulness of taking a photo, but the 360-degree sparkling beauty in every moment of real life, the dynamic beauty.

  • Holding this key aim, every change of facial expressions is telling something different… that is the appearance which matters. To increase the beauty of that appearance, we respond to every single aspect of your needs, including products and techniques, makeup and beauty theories, partial or general beauty. This is our brand – Kesalan Patharan.